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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up." ~ Pablo Picasso

About the Aerial Contrivance Workshop       

The Aerial Contrivance Workshop (A.C.W.), is the after hours extension of  animation veteran Jim Capobianco. Although not an animation studio in the official sense  A . C . W . strives to produce and promote engaging innovative animated content with education in mind.  Adept at design, animation, filmmaking and above all storytelling  the Workshop is committed to innovative education through entertainment and to making films the whole family can enjoy.

Perpetual Learning

What does education through entertainment mean, exactly? Well, for us when we have enjoyed learning something it was because a parent, teacher, book, movie or show made it fun, funny, interesting in some way to learn. In a word entertaining. The Workshop is committed to this difficult balance.  

Perpetual learning is our corner stone. First, for ourselves to become better filmmakers and Second for our audience to not only learn and participate in our process but more importantly to learn and be inspired by the films and things we make. The Workshop, a perpetually evolving idea, much like the bottega (workshop) of Leonardo da Vinci's day, is a gathering place of ideas and innovations in animation, design, art and music.  A growing community of collaborators, of many hats, who will come together to make well designed, well told, inspiring stories through animation and other mediums. Stories that educate through entertainment. We encourage you to visit our blog the Libro di Bottega or just Bottega, the "workbook" of the Contrivance.

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