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  • Leonardo
  • The Galileo Project
  • Leonardo's Noodle
  • The history of the supermarket

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9:30 min.
hand drawn
animated film.


Leo and Parachute

Centered around Leonardo da Vinci and his dream of flight, Leonardo  is perhaps more accurately an exploration of the perseverance of the creative journey. A journey that doesn?t necessarily lead to where you thought you would end up.  Keeping the original animation ?roughs? and notations the film is meant to evoke a sense of an artist?s notebook. Also keeping the hand drawn animation process in the forefront.


Story and Direction: Jim Capobianco

Art Direction: Craig Foster

Editor: Chris Vallance

Animation: Tim Allen, Dave Burgess, Adam Burke, Brian Larsen,  Herriman Maynard, Pete Sohn 



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TelescopeThe Galileo Project

In pre-production
Multi-part hand and digitally animated

ages 6 to 600


The story of Galileo and the first astronomcal use of the telescope. Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the first use of the telescope to look at the stars. Being made in conjunction with the Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence, Italy.


Story and Direction: Jim Capobianco

Art Direction: Nate Wragg

You can help us make Galileo and be apart of making an animated film. Learn more on the a.c.w page - look for the helicopter.

Flying MachineLeonardo's Noodle

In pre-production
Multi-episode multi media series 

ages 8 to 180


In collaberation with Cirque du Solie vertern John Gilkey, as Renassance Man, and continuing with the character of Leonardo from Jim Capobianco?s short film, Leonardo?s Noodle is a series of films emanating from the interests of Leonardo da Vinci.

Starting with his investigations then journeying to the past, the present and the future to gain a broader understanding of humanity.

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Abbas Ibn FirnaEpisode One: The Flying Machine part one: Crackpots and Dreamers

In pre-production

Did you know another Italian tried to fly at the same time Leonardo was designing flying machines and broke his legs in the process?

Did you know that a Spanish Moor may have been the first person to fly a fixed wing glider in 852 AD?

Did you know that the Chinese would use man carrying kites to test the weather conditions?

Discover all this and more as we journey through history and learn about mankind?s obsession with flight. Meet many of the crackpots who thought they could fly with nothing other then a pair of wings and follow the dreamers who added their own small contribution to the dream of human flight.

Episode Two: The Flying Machine part two: Chauffeurs and Pilots

In development



Prof. Mouta

In development
Animated series of 1 minute science shorts 

ages 4 to 8 and beyond


Professor Marta Mouta and her lab assistant Bozworth the Bunny have taken it upon themselves to get the word out that science can be fun, interesting and exciting.

Consulting with her experts in each field of science, Prof Mouta explores everything about science from what makes us sick to global warming, form extra solar planets to what in the world is gravity anyway.

Often having to extract Bozworth from a sticky situation Prof Mouta shows us that science can be fun and illuminating.

How to be a Good Bagger


Animated segment for the feature documentary Ready. Set. Bag!
Client: Ensemble Pictures


Ever wonder how to bag groceries correctly? Learn how and what it takes to be a good sacker in this 2-minute retro-educational film made as part of the feature length documentary Ready. Set. Bag! 

Go to the website and see the trailer:

The History of the Supermarket

History of the Super marketAnimated segment for the feature documentary Paper or Palstic
Client: Ensemble Pictures
5 minutes


Never completed, evolved into ?How to be a Good Bagger?. 

The History of the Supermarket is a humorious look at the history of well?the supemarket.

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